Friday, July 13, 2012

Yellow Daffodil on Mauve SOLD

A painting from this spring.  Mauve is the name of a light purple color that was the first synthetic dye color.  It was created by accident in 1856 by an 18 year old chemistry student, William Henry Perkin, who was trying to synthesize the anti-malaria drug quinine. The name mauve was given to it from the French name for the mallow flower.  The color of this dye is familiar to those of us who remember ditto  machines- it was used in the ink.


Shane Davis said...

I always try to find ways to contrast complementary colors, but yellow and violet don't make too many appearances. You really make that yellow pop with the mauve you've found in the background.

Sharon Whitley said...

I love the yellow violet combination - it always works well, lovely paitning