Monday, March 29, 2021

Daffodils Two Glass Vases

Another spring bouquet of daffodils against a warm gray background.  These small multiflora daffodils lend themselves nicely to a simplified treatment.  The whites, the yellows, and the grays are massed so that the painting is loose and simplified, yet individual flowers can still be picked out.  Most of the painting is warm gray which balances the touches of bright red, orange, yellow, and green.  On my ETSY store

Friday, March 26, 2021

White Daffodils on Pink and Gold

 6 x 6 original oil painting of the early daffodils from the flower bed.  My daughter has planted a lot of the lovely miniature multiflora white daffodils and now they are blooming and begging to be painted.  So jaunty.  To paint a mass of daffodils, I like to squint and paint the entire shape as one thing rather than paint each individual flower and petal.  Simplify.  On my ETSY store