Friday, May 10, 2013

Traveling Chicken Visits Vashon Island

I joined a website for artists called the Traveling Chicken  A yellow ceramic chicken has been passed from artist to artist and each artist has painted the chicken in various settings, and posted the images on the communal website.  Each artist gets to make up a story and several artists have added additional travelers to keep the original chicken company.  My idea for the chicken was to try to pose the figurines in a way that tells something about the place I live - Puget Sound.  The chicken travels next to Georgia. 


Julie Ford Oliver said...

Love your setting, colors and skill of painting.

kathleen Ballard said...

I love that the chickens gazing across the water at the sailboat! It's great that you painted all three of them! Together at last!

Margaret said...

Sunny and so refreshing... I can feel the breeze! :)