Monday, June 6, 2016

Surf Fishing - Gray Day at Pacific Beach - Painting of Fishing for Surf Perch in Washington SOLD

Painted on the Washington coast in May after a morning of clam digging.  The digging was over for the day, but chest- wader attired fishermen were standing in the surf casting for surf perch.  It was a gray day so the colors were very harmonious.  I used a cool gray for the sky and water, but  the waves picked up the  beach sand as they broke and turned a warm brown.  On my ETSY store.


Gayle said...

What beautiful "shades of gray" (pardon the pun!). I'm just now beginning to appreciate the magic of that color with so many variants from cool to warm. Definitely indispensable when painting seascapes. Love the way you rendered the movement of the rolling waves!

Gayle said...

I meant to tack this onto my previous comment. Are you familiar with the work of Roos Schuring (Rose), a plein air painter from the Netherlands? It was through watching her videos and seeing her beach scenes that I became spellbound by the magic of gray.

Gretchen Hancock said...

Yes I am a fan of Roos Schuring. Seeing her paintings gave me the inspiration to paint on the coast of Washington.